Saturday, November 22, 2008

A cause for celebration!...almost

Just 17 days of working and three short weeks after the building process began and my studio has become a very tangible "dream come true". I'm so ecstatic that I can barely believe it myself. Words can not express how incredibly elated I am at this very moment....but I'll try.
Sitting back now, seeing the exterior finally completed, makes me extremely emotional. I'm so proud of everything this beautiful little building represents: art, love, inspiration, diligence and the inevitability of more to come. I'm amazed at my own capabilities, never-mind the integrity, endurance and undeniable talent of Mr. George Abetti, my amazing builder, teacher and now, very close friend, who I could obviously not have done this without.
With an intense amount of passion, hard work, sweat, shivers and tears we have created a "legacy" as one of my neighbors so eloquently stated today. I'm so incredibly proud and looking forward to what the future will bring.
I''ll confess, I'm tired... and admittingly, I'm very grateful for the physical break at this point. But there is something so incredibly gratifying about having been such a large part of this process and I could never have imagined it any other way.
With that said, I'm looking forward to taking a small break and starting the finish work asap so I can start painting in this sucker!! Although the inside is currently FAR from a comfy and productive creative environment, we've completed the hardest and most challenging stage.
Now...onto the interior!


  1. i am truly amazed at this space! i was hoping to see some inside awesome for you to have such an incredible working environment! i can only imagine the work you'll produce inside your new studio! bravo!

  2. what an awesome space! truly amazing...i'm so happy to finally see some inside pics. i cannot believe how great that studio is and can only imagine the inspirational artwork that will come from creating in those surroundings! bravo!