Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday night finishing

drilling in the dark
the floating second floor, pre-railings....not so safe
future gallery/work space with brand spankin new stairs!

Today was another extremely cold one but because it was essentially Georges last day on the job, we worked long and hard until 8pm. We thankfully got the entire staircase completed, along with 80% of the upper railings. Rick came home around 5pm and with headlamps, floodflights and heavy layers we worked until we could no longer think straight or withstand the cold.
I was overwhelmingly grateful that we got most of the beautiful mahogany and conduit railings installed (another of Georges genius inventions). They are so perfect for this studio...contemporary yet classy and most importantly, preventing me from the overwhelming fear of falling off the 2nd floor "floating" loft. (I've grown to overcome my acrophobia during this construction process... but not entirely!) George is leaving for Thanksgiving but will be back next Tuesday for finishing touches. It will be a sad day since we have grown to know each other so well, working together almost every moment for the last three weeks. I'll be begging him back to install the ceiling and he assures me he will be present at my studio grand opening this coming Spring....a day that can not come soon enough!

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