Monday, October 27, 2008

The More the Merrier!

I just received this image of my "Above and Beyond" series from Kim, the owner of Three Graces Gallery. After the arrival of my 10 new paintings last Friday, she decided, instead of having a separate grid of 9 along with my existing display of 20, she'd "marry" them to make up this awesome and dynamic display of 30. If you are in the Portsmouth area, you have to go by and check it out. This is the way these paintings are meant to be seen. The more the merrier!
Here's an except from the Three Graces Gallery Blog

Robin Beaty's work is gorgeous!! each individual painting is sophisticated to stand on its own, but it is the combination of these works that commands attention. In fact that's what makes them so fun to collect, you can start out with one, then add two to display in a row of 3, then perhaps a grid of 9, and then one can always dream of a big beautiful grouping of 20!
It's been brought to my attention that I always use the same words to describe deserts when speaking of Robin's work, well, I confess and maintain that they are delicious..."-Kim Ferriera

Three Graces is located at 105 Market Street, Portsmouth New Hampshire.
For more info, visit

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