Sunday, October 26, 2008

Studio construction update

...patiently awaiting walls!

You may be wondering what the heck is going on with the construction of my studio since I haven't posted any new photos for over a week. Well, my builder, George, has been working non-stop for months. He's been insanely busy building barn after barn after barn all over the US...and frankly, he needed a little break! I was more than happy to comply. I'd much rather have a freshly rested, energized and happy builder around than an overworked, cranky one! So, on his way back from his latest project in Illinois, George dropped off his tool trailer and trusty winnebago and headed back to Vermont to spend some much needed down time with his fiance before coming and hunkering down in my driveway for three weeks. YES, thats what I said! He will be living here the entire time so that we can work together everyday until this little dream studio becomes a reality. We are scheduled to be weather tight by Thanksgiving. Now, that's a loyal and passionate person if I've ever seen one! Wouldn't you agree? Boy, did I get lucky finding him!

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