Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let the fun begin! Day 1 of building

Offloading the truck

George and Tyler ( the very helpful and friendly delivery man from Britton Lumber in Vermont)
Yes, that is ALL the lumber we'll be using!!

Finally! I'm SO excited to share the news that the building process began today! George Abetti, the builder and designer of my sweet little studio, arrived from Vermont last night. He slept in his winnebago, parked in the driveway, to wake up bright and early, right on site. (to get this party started!) Unfortunately, as usual, things didnt go exactly as planned.
The lumber delivery truck, which was scheduled to be here by 8 AM from Vermont, got a flat tire. George assured me not to worry and that they were only 2 hours behind and would arrive here by 10am. This was actually great news since I had a new series of paintings to be photographed. These 2 newly discovered hours and beautiful morning light was the perfect opportunity to do so.
By the time I got the last painting shot, the lumber arrived!
I was overcome with emotion at the sight of the blond bundles of gorgeous Hemlock. They were stacked there and waiting to become a dream come true; a post and beam studio. It was a feeling I'll never forget.

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