Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crunch Time

TICK...TICK...TICK... the count down begins! Only 2 days left until I happily swing my doors open to the public for my 2nd Annual Open Studio Show! 
Yes, I'm in FULL freak out mode right now but luckily I work fantastic under pressure. (and believe me...the pressure is on!) 
50 pieces are hung and ready to be photographed today. Preview appointments are being booked for today and tomorrow and work is already being put on reserve. Oh yeah... and I'm the crazy woman who's STILL painting! (how can I not??)
I'll be posting many of my new pieces for preview and reserve purchase later today and tomorrow, so keep checking back.
With that said, I'm rushing back to work now. Every moment counts!...
Photos of show prep to come. For now, I will leave you with a link to my new video on YouTube as a sneak peak into my studio and process (fly on the studio wall style.....)


  1. Great idea, great video, great to see your process and your studio come to life, Robin! (and on roller skates)

  2. Have just discovered you through Laura Gaffke & Tina Hirsig's blog Laura TWO Tina and LOVE your work! Consider me an instant fan of yours and will love keeping posted on your creative journey.

  3. Thank you ladies! I cherish your support and appreciate all of your kind words.
    Amy~ the roller skates are my secret weapon! I may have given away my muse. ;) Would love to see you in action someday as well.
    Carol~ Laura is a wonderful soul. I love that she discovered me and continues to share my work as an inspiration to others. There is no better compliment in the world!