Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White on white

"Above and Beyond" series (various) Encaustic and mixed media on braced birch- 6" x 6" each 
 available now at Three Graces Gallery -Portsmouth NH

"Abeyance #1" 12" x 12" - Encaustic, aluminum and glass on braced birch

"White is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color.
White stands for wholeness, completion and purification... 
clearing blocks from your path, 
instilling a fresh start to new beginnings and development in any direction."

So, it seems only appropriate that the new year is starting off with a whole lot of white! A "White" show, a new white series of paintings and very, very white weather!

Along with the two feet of snow now piled so gracefully outside of my studio doors...
*I currently have 16 pieces featured in the new group show "White" at Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth NH.
*I've also started a new series inspired by the landscape that has so beautifully entrapped me (photos coming soon)
*and to top it off,  today I'm shipping out the very white "Soliloquy #9" to a native New Englander living in sunny California  (ironicly cruel? or romantically nostalgic? I cant decide! ;)    
White is in the air! Both literally and symbolically... and I'm embracing every new second of it! (for a few more weeks anyway...)

check out... 
now showing at Three Graces Gallery

Soliloquy #9- 8" x 20" Encaustic, vintage fabric, paper, ink, aluminum and bark on braced birch -Sold 

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