Friday, September 3, 2010

Obliged and a bit overwhelmed

Its taken me a couple weeks but it's finally sinking in. People like my little studio in the sticks, almost as much as I do!

I had a hard time believing it at first. Email after email in my inbox everyday from folks across the country, saying the most lovely things about my studio, my artwork even my homemade bed! Frankly, I was shell shocked!

This very personal work space I put my heart and soul into, that I built from the ground up and filled with all my "stuff"; art, paint, supplies, tables on wheels, wax, books, mementos, antiques, the little oddities that inspire me, tables on wheels (wait, did I say that again?)...people really dig! (who knew?!)

Nearly a hundred comments on Apartment Therapy referring to it as "stunning"..."breathtaking"..."perfect"..."the epitome of lovely" (really??) and now apparently I have "stolen it from someones dreams!" (How cool is that?)

I'd just like to say thanks again for all the wonderful words people are sending my way, but most importantly, those who have supported my artwork and have found IT to be the most inspiring part of the space.

After all, this studio was built with my art at the very heart of it, a place for me to work and create, to spend my days inspired and (hopefully) inspiring others.

I'm excited and flattered that The Boston Globe has asked to feature me in an upcoming cover story for their G Style section!
I'm looking forward to my interview and photo shoot with them this week!

Also thank you to for the recent mention. Check it out:

... even my office got a little 'plug'! Thanks


  1. Stolen from my dreams...I meant every word!

  2. your space is stunning...:)