Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thanks for the Love!

Since my studio was featured on Apartment Therapy this past Tuesday , I've been overwhelmed with the most amazing emails and comments. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who has taken the time to express their kind words about my studio and especially my artwork.
I love working in this space that I had such a huge part in creating myself. It's been a wonderful, life changing experience and I feel very lucky I was given the opportunity. I hope you will take a look back through my blog so I may share more of it with you.

I'm extremely flattered and humbled that so many of you love my studio as much as I do. I'm grateful to work, live (and play!) in it everyday. What I've put into it, physically and emotionally (and also esthetically) is a constant inspiration to me. I'm incredibly happy, that through AT , I got to share it with so many new people who appreciate the amount of work and passion I've invested into it and the work I create within it each day. I'm truly thankful for all of your support!

I've also received many
inquiries on the current availability of my artwork and where it can be purchased.
My website,, is simply an online portfolio and represents just a small array of work. Most of the artwork featured on the site has been sold but I have many additional paintings available right now and I'm always working on new pieces!
I'll be updating my blog in the next few days with available work and where/how you can purchase them.
In the meantime, please feel free to email me with any questions and/or inquiries! Thanks!

Below is a small variety of pieces currently available from my ongoing
"Above and Beyond" series of 6" x 6" encaustic and mixed media paintings.

Click for a closer look (*red dot indicates sold status)


  1. Robin, when I saw your studio on Apartment Therapy I nearly died of pleasure. So gorgeous - and green, too. We posted about it at EcoSalon (and linked to your website, too):

    Really, really lovely space. Looks like there's room in that upstairs haven for me?!? (Smile).


  2. Thank you so much Leigha!
    And thank for your sweet post on
    When you said "Robin Luciano Beaty stole my dream and delicately dropped it in Byfield Massachusetts ", I must admit it choked me up.

    My studio was simply just a dream to me too until two years ago this month when I started the process of making that dream become a reality.
    Now here it is! Dream come true!
    I think anyone can do the same with ambition, good people, and LOTS of passion.
    (... as long as you don't mind getting your hands REALLY dirty ;-)

    Thanks again for your lovely words.
    Come visit my haven anytime!