Monday, February 15, 2010

New Studio Photos

I thought I'd share a few shots from a recent photo shoot I had in the studio.
Its hard to imagine that just a mere 15 months ago, I was raising the 300lb hemlock beams on this beautiful little building I worked so hard on... and now, work so happily in.
I feel incredibly proud to be able to create art within a space I created myself. There is truly no better feeling of accomplishment.
(and every bit of the building process is recorded right here on my blog, from start to finish. I hope you'll take a wander though)

I'll also be adding many more photos, along with new work, (and videos!) to my brand spankin' newly updated website which I'm excited to announce will be launched this week!

Until then, here's a quick glimpse into my studio...
(which, by the way, is now open by appointment!)

"Every time I paint, I throw myself into the water
in order to learn how to swim again."
Édouard Manet

"Art must seize upon you
wrap you up in itself and carry you away.
It is the means by which the artist conveys his passion.
It is the current which he puts forth
which sweeps you along..."

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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