Saturday, October 10, 2009

Separation Anxiety

"Confluence #4" - 36"x 36" -Encaustic, oil and aluminum on braced birch-$2500in the works...
I recently completed another piece in my latest "Confluence" series of 36" x 36" Encaustic paintings. This is baby #4 and I just had to take a few quick shots of her before she flies out of the studio doors.

I'm particularly partial to this piece and honestly had a hard time parting with it. they say; "If you love something set it free" that's exactly what I did. :-( Goodbye "4" will be missed.)

Its not exactly "free"...but "Confluence #4" is NOW currently on display in its new temporary home at "Three Graces Gallery" in Portsmouth NH, if you'd like to check it out in person or possibly take her home for yourself!
(and I highly recommend either option)

Three Graces Gallery
105 Market Street
Portsmouth NH 03801

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