Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Making Their Mark in Molten Wax" work from the show now available online!

from my "Above and Beyond" series.
Encaustic and mixed media on braced birch. 9- 6" x 6" panels
Now on display at
Three Graces Gallery

If you missed the opening reception of "Making their Mark in Molten Wax" at Three Graces Gallery this past Friday, no fear! You still have a whole month to go check it out!

Kim Ferreira, owner and curator of this lovely little gallery in the gorgeous port town of Portsmouth NH, has put together a beautiful show, displaying four completely unique and original encaustic styles. I think its an awesome example of how versatile the medium of encaustic really is and I'm proud to be a part of this group show.

If you are in the Portsmouth area, please drop in a check it out!
This show runs until June 1st.

BUT...if you absolutely can't make to NH in the next few weeks (or want a little sneak peak) all of the work exhibited in this show is now available to purchase online! HERE.

Just remember...I can not encourage enough that these extremely textural and luminous pieces should be seen in person.
(as I beleive is the case with all encaustic art!) A computer screen just doesnt cut it! So go see 'em!!


  1. beautiful work lady!!! Allison

  2. all i know is...that apron you're wearing is to DIE for!!!

    ...and your work is pretty spectacular too!


  3. thank you girls! Your constant support means the world to me!

    Yes, Isn't that Apron fantastic!? I "heart" it! :-) The fabulous designer behind that cute little gem will be on the Fox Morning Show tomorrow! (5/6/09)
    There's more where that came from...

    ...and the Hanover store location has some pretty cool art displayed too!