Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The REALLY fun stuff!

New work and the first 9 holes in my wall!...many more to come
freshly "baked" panels...awaiting waxy love
one of my newest encaustic pieces in the works
Believe it or not, amongst all of the constant construction going on in my studio, I've managed to find the time to paint in there quite a bit! (can you imagine??) Yes, it is insanely difficult to work in wax with massive amounts of sawdust flying around and for the past two weeks, that's been the norm. But I've maintained my theory that if I have heat, light and some source of electricity in there, I can create art, no matter the obstacle!

This week is exceptionally different though. Monday I crossed the long awaited threshold of moving the saws OUT and moving the easels IN! I'm so excited to finally be able to put art back on my priority list. I'm painting in there every day now and loving every single minute of it. I can't seem to pull myself out of that amazing space...even to eat dinner. I'm enthralled, inspired and frankly, in love. I just can't get enough of it... but who could blame me?!

PS. I did manage to peal myself away from my studio today to drop off one of my newest encaustic pieces for the Newburyport Art Association's Winter Juried Show.

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