Monday, March 2, 2009

All the "Trimmings" and a "mini me"

My niece Ava...."Mini Me"!!...toolbelt, tape and all!
cuter than photos of window sills!

Yet another family effort has brought me even closer to finishing the interior of my studio. Once again, my awesome dad came out to help trim out all the doors and windows. Along with my husband Rick working the nailgun and my fantaaaaastic cutting skills, we got this tedious job done in just a few days.
Its totally boring to talk about window sills so I'll refrain... but I DO have a very special family crew member to thank this weekend. My niece and "carpenter in training", Ava confidently lent her little hands to this part of the process. She was EXTRA helpful, remembering measurements like a pro and transporting molding to the second floor in record speed. Looks like I have a little clone on my hands, huh? She'll be building her own studio in no time! Thanks Ava! xo

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