Friday, February 27, 2009

Construction chaos coming to a close!

finishing touches on the ceiling!!
my future "reading spot" That little cupola fits me perfectly. :-)

it was pretty tricky getting a ceiling up where there are NO floors, trust me.
Its been over a week since Ive had an opportunity to write about all of the updates on my studio..., in my studio... or anything else in between for that matter! I'm pretty overwhelmed to say the least but I've gotten so much accomplished in the past week that all the exhaustion is definitely worth it. I've been in such a whirlwind that I simply haven't had a free minute to sit and type an email, never-mind spending some "quality" time online. (Is there such a thing?) Anyway, enough excuses! For those of you who have been asking me what the "stats" are on the the studio construction, here is my feeble attempt at a "brief update". (those that know me well, know "brief" is not in my vocabulary but I'll give it a try!)

The most exciting news is that my ceiling is now a glimmering reality! Most people would think...hmm....whats the big deal, its just a ceiling. Well, I'm mostly excited about the simple fact that I no longer have ceilings made of dripping gray insulation covered in hideous plastic! The falling chunks of recycled newspaper powder can frankly be a huge detriment when painting in molten wax (although in some fortunate cases, it worked for me "texturally"... a "happy accident" as our legendary friend Bob Ross liked to say ;-) Anyway, this previous nasty looking eyesore is now completely covered in beautiful blonde shiplap wood, thanks to my talented friend and builder, George Abetti who came back down from Vermont and took time from his very busy schedule to help me out with this project and boy am I glad he did!

If you have been followed this blog or the progress on my studio, then you know George well. He is the man responsible for helping me create this gorgeous little dream studio..and the man who made it possible for me to learn the fine craft of barn building. I owe a huge thank you to George who, along with my husband Rick and I, tirelessly worked our butts off. We installed the entire ceiling and finished every last detail of the gorgeous little light filled cupola in 2 short days. The difference in breathtaking.


  1. Dear Robin--

    Thank you for updating your blog--it is good to see all the progress we--and now especially you--have made from the beginning. I know this building is going to be a blessing--as it has already been and as you are to those around you.


  2. We love happy accidents....Bob Ross got a shout out in your blog!!

    Congrats, and all the best.

    Now back to work slacker... :)