Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Updates or ear rubs

Breakfast and blogging with Joni
Marley and Mac...sharing my time at 11:30pm

Since the introduction of actual walls in my new studio, I realized I've unintentionally cut myself off from most modern means of communication. I've been working in there everyday and right now I have no internet or email, and even my cell phone reception is minimal. I know it's probably a huge blessing in disguise since the result is that I've been getting a LOT more work done! But its possible I might be going a little loopy in the process. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy taking the occasional breaks throughout the day, perusing the internet for art, vicarious traveling to obscure countries and indulging in the ever so important Anthropologie window shopping. ;-) For now, these guilty pleasures and my already elusive "blogging time" have been allotted to a few minutes in the morning and before I crawl into bed. Needless to say, neither is the best time for fully functional brain activity and my pups Marley and Joni don't like it when their bedtime ear scratching sessions are cut short. So I'll try my best to update and stay "connected" during my temporary internet hiatus. Please bear with me!
(hmmm...just out of curiosity...does anybody read this anyway?... the perpetual question of the blogger ;-)

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  1. Joni is getting shout outs on the blog space!!!