Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thinking "Above and Beyond" and outside the "box"...

"Above and Beyond" (various) Encaustic and mixed media on braced birch- 6" x 6" each -sold individually
(20 of the 32 on display and available NOW at Three Graces Gallery)
#43, #48, and #83 :a triptych option from the series above
#15 and #69 paired together

Above and Beyond #87

I've been working on this series of paintings for almost a year now (going on #150!) and I have to say...I'm loving every single minute of it! I'm continually inspired by each individual piece as the series evolves and I'm always intrigued to see where the next one will take me.

I get really excited seeing how these paintings play off of one another in various groupings too. I especially like hearing how other people envision them and in their own space. Personally, I prefer presenting them in larger grids of 9, 20, 30, or MORE...but these pieces are essentially "interactive"!

YOU have the ability (and are greatly encouraged!) to create a custom grouping of your own choice.

A triptych of 3?
Perhaps a coupling of 2?
How about a set of 9? (one of my preferences ;-)

Most importantly, each one of these paintings is intended to stand on its own, only to be enhanced by pairing them up with additional pieces. So, choose one or choose them all....you have the choice! (Plus, you can always add more later!)

All of the paintings above are available for purchase online at

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