Sunday, February 1, 2009

Winter Blues

Some of my newest "seasonally inspired" pieces.
Still...They all seem to beckon for Spring, dont they?

Soliloquy #1": 22" x 10" encaustic on braced birch-

all of the paintings above (plus many more)
are currently on display and for sale at Valeries Gallery in Newburyport, Ma.

Lately I've been feeling pretty melatonin-less to say the least. This winter is seemingly lasting for eternity and its gray bleakness is really starting to wear on me. I've definitely noticed a big difference in my palette too! The good news is, although the world around me has been looking pretty dismal and cold lately...I think my paintings are somehow benefiting from this seasonal depression...I mean,..."inspiration"! So, I wont complain as long as art is prevailing (and there are no major blizzards in the forecast!)
Still....Spring is waiting in the wings and I'm very much looking forward to the pieces that will blossom out of me when it finally arrives. (and the fact that they will be created in my NEW studio is the most exciting part!)
In the meantime, if you're feeling the winter blues, go buy a piece of art to cheer you up! It always works for me!

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