Thursday, November 20, 2008

A room with a view

trust me, its hard to work that saw with 9 layers on.
happy...but COLD!

Its damn FRIGID! There is absolutely no other way to describe the past two days. Lucky for me, I did not have to get on top of the roof with George, who had his son Caleb come out and help him start the cupola framing on Wednesday. I'm very grateful for that fact.
Unfortunately for me, I DID have to join him today. 25 feet up, 25 degree temps and with what seemed like 25 degree below winds. We were pretty freezing to say the least. I have to hand it to George who was straddling the eve of the metal roofing with one double gloved hand on a nail gun and the other on his intended target. (and surprisingly answering his cell phone multiple times to boot!)

Yes, it was staggeringly uncomfortable and utterly insane but we persevered and completed this custom little cupola. Created especially for me, this 6' x 6' room is one of the last exterior details and Georges personal signature, which will soon be fully accessible from the second floor loft.
I've decided that this will feasibly become my favorite spot in the studio. I'll be keeping a copy of "The Gift" by Hafiz and a watercolor set on a small bench which will look out of the east side window....a constant state of inspiration and a perpetual beacon, lighting my future. Like the title of my ongoing series of paintings...I am "Above and Beyond"...literally.

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