Friday, November 7, 2008

nerves and nailguns

The roof crew

This is right around my 4th heart attack of the day. Machismo...
Before the Luciano crew even arrived!
Another of my favorite tools
SO dicey. I could barley look. What you can't see is that ladder is on scaffolding more then 20 feet up off the ground!

Today started out pretty dank. Still dark, drizzly and extremely soggy, it was slow going at first but we quickly got into the swing of things. Luckily, Rick took the day off from work to lend George and I a hand, which was great since he is 6'1" and was able to do an amazing job hoisting up the roofing system which all three of us previously had secured down below, on the second floor loft. That job was simply a task this 5'2" chick could not have managed very easily alone so I'm grateful Rick was willing to help today.

By noon, my father and brother joined us which could not have been more appreciated. The guyswere hanging on that slippery roof frame like monkeys and I could do nothing but hope no one would fall off. I managed to curb my fears and work with my dad down below, handing them up all of the boards and materials they needed to get this job done safely and efficiently...which we did! And in record time. Having the 3 extra sets of hands is really awesome...even if my brother can't stop talking or teasing me. Hey, I can take it! Its barn raising... Family style!
We finished a little early so George could drive up to Vermont to pick up the roofing and I could make it into Newburyport by 7pm to drop off a new painting. We are really looking forward to the day tomorrow! Maybe we'll see some sun. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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