Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shelter from the storm

simply beautiful, isn't it?
I could barely take this photo. Rick deserves a wild amount of props for this one!
west side
east side
waiting in the wings

For me, today was the most exciting day in this whole process so far. The roof went on! My beautiful terra cotta colored tin roof. (well, technically it's not tin but you get the idea)
So, we're finally covered from the elements. And after two days of nasty rain and wind, its quite an accomplishment, especially in these slippery, sloppy conditions. All I need now are walls and lights! Maybe some heat would be nice too. ;-) But we'll get to that.
My dad and brother sacrificed yet another Saturday to help us out during this difficult and dangerous stage which is truly appreciated. We all worked together and busted this step out pretty quickly. I was rather amazed at how fast it went up to be honest.
Rick, George, and Tommy were up on top securing the panels (another frightening site for me) with my dad and I working down below. We had an extremely successful and eventful day and to top it all off George took us out to dinner to celebrate. I'd say that's a pretty great deal, wouldn't you?

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