Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucky number "13"

George and I after a long days work. The best studio building team ever!

Day #13- Today was an abnormally successful Monday. Since George has been here every Saturday, he takes Mondays off to get back to 'normal life" and I don't blame him one bit. But today was an exception and I'm so glad because we were back to work in full force and managed to get a LOT done. The weather was nicer then its been the past few days, which was a great advantage and we got all of the lower gable shiplap on and the last of the windows in.
We have officially "turned the corner"...and my beautiful little studio is starting to get LOTS of attention and praise from the neighbors. I'm absolutely in love with it and cant WAIT to get inside and start painting. The day is almost here...I can smell the wax melting already!

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  1. everything looks so amazing.

    I love it!!!