Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Solo Show- Save the Date!

   I'm both excited and a teensy bit disappointed that winter's hibernation has come to a close. A great artist I know recently said to me "winter in New England is the summer of the mind"... and I couldn't agree more. I've appreciated being cooped up in the studio with my 2 dogs, a roaring fire, and loads of extra time. However, this week it was a balmy 70 degrees here in Massachusetts, unofficially welcoming Spring (or so we pray!) which translates as "time to crawl out of creative seclusion!" (...damn.)

   This past winter has been an exceedingly inspirational one and I'm happy to say it has been one of the most productive I've ever had.  I've completed over 12 new 36" paintings, plus dozens of smaller scale pieces, in the short two and a half months since January 1st. In other words... I'm a very happy, fully hibernated artist with WAY too much work on the walls! (Yes, it makes me crazy to hold onto such a large body of work but there is very good reason for this, I promise)
   The majority of the paintings in the studio right now were created exclusively for my upcoming SOLO exhibition at one of Boston's best galleries LANOUE FINE ART.  
I'm excited and honored to be one of the few artists selected for a solo exhibition in 2012 and even more flattered that it was only a few short months after being invited to be a part of the gallery just last summer.
   Because of this rare opportunity, I've purposefully held back showing my new work so it can be exhibited for the first time at my opening this MAY.

I will, however, be previewing selected work online in the days ahead. So please be sure to check back for available paintings and show prep updates


Saturday, May 12th 2012
Solo Show Opening Reception @
125 Newbury Street Boston Ma

a glimpse into the studio...

(kinda' feels like I'm in that famous Samuel Morse painting "Gallery of the Louvre"
...which makes me incredibly uncomfortable but strangely satisfied at the same time.  

Samuel Morse "Gallery of the Louvre" ...eeek

On a very special side note, I'd like to dedicate all of my new work to my two biggest supporters and ever patient studio assistants Joni and Marley.
(especially my girl Joni who is going through a little trouble right now. Please send her good vibes and love!)

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  1. Sending love and extra GOOD vibes to Joni. And to you as well Miss Robin...... Can't wait for the show in May.

    Love Allison