Friday, April 22, 2011

Mixing in a little green...

"Above and Beyond" series-6" x 6" each -(9 various) Encaustic, mixed media & reclaimed objects on braced birch 
  Sold individually - I have a variety from this limited series still available. Email me for a complete list.

"We began as mineral. We emerged into plant life, 
and into the animal state, and then into being human, 
and always we have forgotten our former states, 
except in early spring when we slightly recall being green again." (- Rumi)
Respect your roots
(today and everyday :)

artwork:  "Quiescence" (on display in the studio) - 36" x 36"
Encaustic, oil, aluminum and vintage glass on braced birch.-  available 
magazine: "Whole Living" (which I'm currently featured in. Can't think of a better day to pick up a copy!)
additional artwork courtesy of Mother Nature :)

In honor of Earth Day
I've added a new feature to my 'Studio Page' -

Kermit totally lied. It's pretty easy being green. 
(even if you can simply be the slightest shade of celedon

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