Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Featured Painting

"Confluence #16"- 36' x 36"-Encaustic, oil, aluminum, bark and vintage letters on birch
"Let us look for secret things
somewhere in the world,
on the blue shore of silence
or where the storm has passed,
rampaging like a train.
There the faint signs are left,
coins of time and water,
debris, celestial ash
and the irreplaceable rapture
of sharing in the labour
of solitude and the sand."
~Pablo Neruda

*New Featured Painting*
"Confluence #16"
36" x 36" -Encaustic, oil, aluminum, glass, bark 
and vintage letters on braced birch 
(sold 4/5)

Please email me if you are interested in purchasing this painting 
or for more information on additional work and commissions.
 As always, I welcome studio visits by appointment. 
Thanks for looking!
Confluence #16 -detail view

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  1. Oh how I love Pablo Neruda, and your paintings.

    You are amazing, Robin. Congrats on all the successes you had in 2010, and here's to all the amazing things ahead of you in 2011.

    Best to you, and your family.