Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Lost and Found" series now available exclusively through my studio

mantle with pieces from "Lost and Found" series"Lost and Found #11" 6" x 6" SOLD
Encaustic and vintage photograph on braced birch
"Lost and Found #13" 6" x 6"
Encaustic, vintage photograph, antique lace and fabric on braced birch
"Lost and Found #15"- 6" x 6" SOLD
Encaustic, vintage photograph and glass on braced birch

(more photos and additional pieces available by request)
My "Lost and Found" series is now available exclusively through my studio and for a very limited time.

This series of encaustic paintings which I incorporated vintage photographs, handwritten letters, hand knit crochet and antique lace, is my way of breathing new life into the discarded personal photographs, sadly left forgotten on antique shop shelves and in abandoned attics.
In these paintings, I tried to immortalize those lost moments cherished by a stranger once upon a time.
I believe they deserve a second chance. (doesn't everyone?)

From the original series of 30 I created in early 2008, I have only 8 left. They're from my own personal collection and in honor of the 'New' Year, I'd like to offer them a 'new' home.
Email me for pricing and availability. These pieces are not available in galleries.


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  1. LOVE these! I love that we are both using other people's memories in our work. It makes me sad to think of these photos and memories lost just because someone is no longer around to tell their story. Second chances are great...and "they" get to live on in someone else's home as a new memory. NICE!