Monday, January 12, 2009


prep for entrance lights!!

not the prettiest picture...but SO beautiful to me!
its a mess now but the presence of electrical wire and heat is a HUGE step.
It wont be long now before this room is filled with happy people and waxy art!

I'm really excited to finally report a little PROGRESS on my studio! Its been almost 2 full months since I completed the exterior construction so I'm more then elated to get some action cooking in there again. The great news: Electrical is underway!! Visually, its not the most impressive progress but Its certainly a big step!

This completely involuntary hiatus was mostly due to the frustrating wait for an electrician and the fact that I cant do much else until that's completed. But its also due to the bone chilling weather we've been having here in beautiful New England. Admittedly, its just simply TOO DARN COLD in there for me! (no heat just yet) And without insulation or walls, it doesn't take long before my fingers start to go numb and turn blue. As an artist who holds her phalanges in VERY high regard, I'd like to protect them from possible amputation due to frostbite! So, understandably I've been putting off any interior work until I could get some heat pumping in there. (Can you blame me?)

So, I had no choice but to toughen up and deal with the extreme temps this week in order to get things ready for the long awaited delivery of my wood burning stove! Finally...HEAT!

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