Thursday, November 13, 2008

wrap it up! ...but not quite

Today, despite the drizzly dankness, we got the studio ALMOST completely wrapped (like a gigantic present to myself!) With great dispair, I found out that I dont get to indulge in tearing this wrapping paper off with the fervor of an 8 year old at christmas, What a dissappoinment , right? Well it serves its ugly purpose. This particular wrap stays ON forever. Under the shiplap siding and over the framing system. We worked faster then expected. We need to get this baby weather tight asap because it is going to get figidly cold out there next week and I'd perfer to keep all my phalanges and extremeties if I can help it. Frost bite is soooo 1908. no one wants a black tipped nose now-a-days. Certainly not me!

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