Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday-Day 11 - Perfect day for rain and windows

We knew it....eventually the weather would turn around and give us a swift kick in the butt to try and stop this crazy studio building madness. But NO-sir-ee , not US...not this "geobarn" building team! NO way hose. We are waaay too deep and emotionally committed to this project and we will get it done in record time. Rain , shine, tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons...dont you worry! We'll be working out in the elements with toolbelt bells on! (well at least George and I...and sometimes Im even a little cranky from the cold and muck but we PERSEVERE! We rock this barn building scene!
Check us out. Today, I was lucky enough, once again to have the infamous Luciano clan here to help raise this very special petite barn. George and I built the transom window frames in no time and Tommy and george busted those windows in with absolutely no problem at all. Then my dad installed the two double french doors so smoothly it was like buuttaaaah....and do you know the reason for all this easy going installation process? NOOOO, its not divine intervention...its Georges exceptional framing and genius superhero skill!!! He deserves much props. "Holla at your builder!" Everything is going so smoothly.. ..if we could just get the rain to stop and the mud to go away we'd be very happy geobarn peeps. heck...we are happy either way!

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