Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 2 1/2

Okay, I'll was a teensy bit scary working up that high but I got use to it very quickly.
George striking a pose on my brand new second floor.

the beautiful tongue and groove spruce flooring

my new favorite toy

Today was an especially successful day. The weather was shockingly beautiful. This first day in November felt more like early September, filled with constant sunshine and a cool Autumn breeze. We, honestly, could not have asked for better working conditions.

George, Rick and I quickly got the entire floor system completed within a few hours. George put me in charge of cutting, which was fantastic because I am completely in love with his awesome Bosch sliding miter saw. (I know, sounds weird...but I am! I want one for Christmas. ;-) It came out beautifully and the structure is really starting to show its character.
We were very lucky to have my father and brother arrive around 12pm to help us get the 20' beams onto the second floor . I may be strong for my size but this step was something the three of us could simply not manage alone. I could tell it was tough enough for the 4 guys! But they did it fast and furiously and we were onto the next step in no time.
I was really happy and appreciative to have them out to lend a VERY helpful hand. Thanks!

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  1. allison wonderland11/3/08, 11:20 AM

    wow this is all so exciting.
    I can't wait to move in!!!