Friday, October 17, 2008

Waxy Delivery

Above and Beyond #80-#90- Encaustic on braced birch. $295 each.
This morning I happily packaged up and said goodbye to my 10 youngest babies. This sweet little plethora of recent encaustic paintings are the latest additions to my ever-growing "Above and Beyond" series. I got word earlier in the week from Kim at Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth that 10 of my 6" x 6" pieces were sold off my displayed grid of 20. I just couldnt live with the thought of 10 empty spaces just sitting there waiting to be filled with waxy art. Although, I'm trying to work on a much larger grid of 36 or more (I'm actually shooting for 100!), I just cant seem to keep hold of these lovely little suckers in my studio. So, its my pleasure to announce their speedy arrival at Three Graces Gallery at 105 Market Street in Portsmouth NH, where they will live until they move onto their permenant residence...wherever that may be! Maybe your house! You can view and purchase these new pieces in the gallery or online at

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