Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bake me a cake - Day 6

Monday was Columbus day and in the grand New England tradition of celebrating the mass slaughter of the American Indian, our town inspector had the day off. This, of course, delayed any progress on the foundation front. Since I'm such a disciplined, law abiding Newbury citizen (eh hem), I patiently waited for the official approval to move onto the next step.
What is the next step you ask? Ah...that would be Backfill! Which is, so far, my favorite stage since this actually allows me to step into what will be my future oasis. I can't help but describe it as almost "baking a gigantic dirt cake".
It was so much fun to watch; maybe I'm just very easily entertained. The crew had to bring in truck loads of loam, velvety smooth batter-like, almost yummy dirt. unlike the rocky dry crap we try to grow grass on around here. They filled in the moat and the inside of my foundation walls, packed down the dirt and smoothed it out to a serious satin like quality. Watching it from my second floor window was like watching the gods bake a batch of double fudge brownies. I'm serious! It was actually cathartic to me. I wanted to lick the shovels!

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