Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Southern Comfort

from my last visit to Naples, FL . still there in spirit!

Here in Boston, the temperature still struggles to rise above 20 degrees as the snow tirelessly taps at my studio door.
Outside… green forfeits to white... grey is the new blue.

INside the studio, my palette undoubtedly reflects these pale winter months. Luckily, warm memories and the inevitable arrival of brighter days never fail to revive vibrancy of brush stroke and spirit.

As I dream of sunshine and the unfrozen ocean at my feet… I'm comforted by the thought that many of my paintings dwell in the very atmosphere that inspired them.
With 75 degree days and balmy night breezes beckoning me, this month I'll just have to live vicariously through my work represented at Trudy Labell Fine Art in Naples, Florida.

If you're fortunate enough to be in this beautiful area of the world, you can visit the gallery to view a large selection of my work... and perhaps bring home a bit of sunshine for yourself!

Below: a selection of work currently available at the gallery, 
including new pieces featured in the benefit exhibition event “Night Music” 
opening this Wednesday, February 12th

for information on this exhibition and view more of my work available at the gallery

"Aberrance" #2"  36" x 36"  Encaustic, oil, copper and vintage found objects on birch 
Available and currently featured in the exhibition "Night Music" @ Trudy Labell Fine Art

detail of Aberrance #2 (w/ vintage boating manuals, maps and photographs)

 reception @ Trudy Labell Fine Art

"Cessation #3" 40" x 40" Encaustic, mixed media, vintage found objects on birch. *currently available

detail of Cessation #3 (w/ vintage photographs/love letters, copper & sari wedding gown remnants

 "Traversing #3-4" 36" x 73" Encaustic, mixed media, vintage objects on birch * currently available

 detail of Traversing diptych

"Immersion #1-16" 52" x 52" Encaustic, mixed media, vintage found objects on birch

"Immersion" in the gallery  *currently available

"Consonance #3" in gallery (sold)

Trudy Labell Fine Art - reception  ("Immersion" on left)

Owner Trudy Labell, gallery director Lynn Pitocelli and I @ the gallery


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