Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flashback Summer / Fastforward Fall

 Windows @ Solo Exhibition, Newbury Street Boston. July/August 2013

 pre-show prep in the studio -Summer 2013

REWIND: Summer 2013

    This past Summer seemed the polar opposite of endless or lazy. (ah yes...the exact  definition of what my favorite season should rightfully be.) On the contrary, my Summer flew by FAST, furious and fell far too short. 
    The long days of lounging carefree by the waters edge, feet planted warmly in the sand, watching the waves roll calmly by, were sadly few and far between. Although I consider that very scenario my all time favorite and most inspirational activity, instead...I happily (and longingly) stayed busy re-creating that nostalgic feeling in the studio for others to enjoy. 
    July and August proved 100% worth the sacrifice, with an immensely successful solo show in Boston and love floating in from all over the world. My heart was full of gratitude not only for the unbelievable support ...but for the lesson learned that you will always get back what you passionately put into that which you love. 
    September brought a bit of a whirlwind, keeping me busy maintaining my sails at every moment. Gratefully, October has landed me right where I should be. Back at the helm, full steam ahead, with a bounty of beauty before me. I'm anxious to discover what the crisp coming season will bring to my table. Change is in the air.

Below: selected images from my solo exhibition at Lanoue Fine Art
THANK YOU to everyone who came out and helped fill my opening reception with incredible energy and love!

 with gallery owner Susan Lanoue and director Erin Lietzes


Many additional images and video from the studio and exhibitions, 
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