Friday, June 17, 2011

Rain on My Parade

Above Images courtesy of  Julia Russell Photography - more coming soon!

I'd like to say a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone who came out this past weekend and helped make my 2nd Annual Open Studio such a fun, successful event!

Despite the torrential rain that smacked steadily upon the red tin roof of my studio Saturday, I had a great turn out and all and all, a pretty incredible day! (Personally, I'd like to imagine the rain was mimicking a steady "applause" ;) and as far as the theory of wet weather bringing "good luck" goes, I think it's proven itself!)
I'm grateful to have met many new, incredibly inspiring people and greatly appreciate those of you who have continued to join me throughout the years. You brought your umbrellas, support and smiles and made all of the hard work and preparations worth every second.

I'd like to claim I took a break and went on some grand vacation after all of the butt-busting but alas... things have only gotten crazier and I'm welcoming the workload with open arms! 
Since Saturday, the studio has morphed back into reality and is in full-force work mode. My tables have been wheeled back in and the walls suddenly have room for more. I've packed, shipped, delivered and installed all the artwork that has sold. Now, onto preparing for my next solo show in July. 
Translation: Party's over. Back to work!  

If you missed my Open Studio, you're in luck! My next Solo Exhibition
"Reclaiming The Current" at Three Graces Gallery opens in exactly 2 short weeks and will include many new pieces never shown before.
Mark your calendars. I hope to see you there!

the studio -before the doors swung open and the rain came down


  1. Sounds like the event was a great (and justifiably so, given your work) success. I'm heading off to an outdoor show in a city where it's been raining so hard that they have issued rain warnings, with only my pop-up tent for protection, so we'll see what show-day brings.

  2. Still wishing I didn't live the height of the country away, so I can finally come see your wonderful work up close! The work, the show, the studio truly deserve all the applause in the world-and obviously, the rain drops agree.

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