Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buzzing late night...

This week has been one of those weeks that I've woken up every morning, like a child on Christmas Day, giddy with anticipation and racing back to the studio for a fresh new look at the work I created the night before.
Yes- I've had many days like this since completing my studio in 2009. (There's something intensely  motivating about creating in a space you've created yourself!) But this week??...this week has been extraordinary!
 Everyday my inbox has been full of love from folks around the country sharing their compliments about my work and space or just dropping me a note to let me know I stirred up a little sumthin' sumthin' in them. To me, that is a jolt of creative adrenaline that no cup of coffee could ever conjure up!

Simply put... Its pretty damn inspirational to inspire!

Thanks to everyone that has added to this positive buzz. It's been the perfect catalyst to get me all fired up in preparation for my upcoming 2nd annual Open Studio on June 11th which I welcome you to join me for!
If you'd like an invitation to this event, please email me at

Available artwork: I've recently received many inquiries regarding artwork and pricing.
Currently I have a variety of work available not represented online.
Please email me if you'd like a pdf price list of artwork for sale.
 I also have a selection of work available to purchase online at ~ Three Graces Gallery. 

A few images from my studio today
and some new work in the works and fresh off the torch!-
 "Above and Beyond" series 6" x 6" each -sold individually 

 "Confluence #14" - 36" x 36" -Encaustic, aluminum and glass on braced birch-SOLD
 Abeyance #3" - 20" x 20" -Encaustic, aluminum and glass on braced birch
 Sirena #20 - 25" x 35" - Encaustic, aluminum glass and vintage letters on braced birch

"Sometimes it's the air, sometimes it's the smell. Sometimes it's the sound of water, sometimes it's the stillness. It's tapping into the transcendent, and teaching your heart to see it, and making your eyes and hands express it that creates transcendent paintings." 
-Gil Dellinger, artist

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