Saturday, April 17, 2010

THANK YOU!!! Winner of "Outstanding Abstract Artist 2009" Spotlight Awards

I'd like to say a tremendous
for the incredible honor of being awarded

"Outstanding Abstract Artist of 2009"

at the Spotlight on the Arts Awards
this past Thursday evening.

I'm honored and humbled by this recognition and I would like to take this opportunity to share my sincerest gratitude to all those of you who were a part of this award and awesome evening!

I'm honestly still in a bit of shock. As a visual artist, its not often that you are given an opportunity where you can so publicly (and in person!) thank everyone who has supported your work and made an honor like this possible.
On Thursday evening, when my name was called, I cautiously made my way up on stage and literally fell into a sea of emotion. From anxious to excited to downright petrified! As I stared into the blinding lights of the beautiful 800 seat Portsmouth Music Hall, I felt such an overwhelming emotion of gratitude pour over me. I made the conscious decision not to get all "Sally Field/Halle Berry" on the audience and before I fainted, cried (or worse!) I simply thanked the wonderful visual Arts Jury that selected me (amongst the 4 other talented, nominated artists I admire and respect),... my awesome support system of friends and family.... and ALL those that support the arts in every facet.

In retrospect. if I could have mentioned each person, individually, who has impacted my work and life... inspired me, intrigued me, pushed me, challenged me, encouraged me, supported me or simply gave me a nudge (or a fat piece of cheesecake ;) when things weren't looking so "inspirational", I would have. I hope you all know who you are but, once again, I'd like to send out my immense love and appreciation for ALL of your support!!
Cheers!! ~Robin
very special thanks to this lovely, talented woman (and friend! :)...
Owner/Curator of Three Graces Gallery, Kim Ferreira and I
some of my unbelievable support system of friends and family. xo
my talented, inspirational hero... my dad :)
The Music Hall Lobby photo by Deb Cram, Portsmouth Herald

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