Friday, January 8, 2010

"The Most Intriguing Artists of 2009" -featured in the Wire Magazine

I was very pleasantly surprised to come across the latest "Wire" Magazine and discover that I was featured in the article "The Year in Art, Highlighting the Most Intriguing Artists of 2009". (how very cool!)

The Wire challenged local gallery curators to select just a few of their favorite artists who excelled among all the talent in the Seacoast art scene this past year...

Here's a little tid-bit from the article....

"Beaty works exclusively with encaustics, an ancient process that has become more popular in recent years... It’s a tricky medium and the artist has a way with it that is “masterful and
extremely impressive”.

While a full-time artist, Beaty managed to build her own studio last spring. Also impressive i
s her recent jump from working on a small scale, mostly 6 by 6 inches, to a much larger scale of 36 by 36 inches. The transition has been a “complete success” said gallery owner, Kim Ferriera.

What makes this recognition even more exciting is that I was partnered with other artists in the region whose work I admire and respect. What an amazing compliment... and such a great way to start off the New Year! Thank you!!

Read all about it below and dont forget to check out my work at Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth NH

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