Sunday, November 22, 2009

Finishing Touches!


Its been about a year since completing the exterior construction on my studio. So it seemed very appropriate that in celebration I add the "finishing touch" of wood floors with the help of my friend and builder George Abetti.
George was sweet enough to take the time out of his busy barn building schedule and come out to help me install this gorgeous southern yellow pine flooring in my space. It took us one VERY long, tiresome day. (not to mention it was POURING rain outside, which made our efforts almost impossible!) Of course, all of the backbreaking work was completely worth it in the end. Dontcha' think?
(Thank you always)before insulation.
I'll miss the concrete floors....just a little.
luckily, we had my sweet little farmers porch to work on during the downpours.learning from the best
L-O-V-E my Pasload cordless nailgun. I truly do.

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