Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 9- Roofing, rafters and ready for wrapping!

porch roof! isnt it the sweetest? Cant wait for my "rocker"
"chick with a hammer"...ppphhhffftttt..."chick with a nail gun" ..way hotter!

Today was a great day for studio building! We worked hard and had great weather but because I am so utterly spent...and because I must rush off... I will let Georges words describe the eventful day as he always so articulately does...:

Georges notes on the day: Day 9
-We had a good day with good weather to boot--it must have been because it was Rick's birthday and the day was consequently smiling upon all of us.....we got the rest of the transom framing done along the upper eaves and then moved onto the cantilevered porch and put up the ledger, rafters and purlins--with Robin framing and blocking the upper ends while I adhered the lower ends to the 2x12 went smoothly and after the roof was on we both agreed the building simply could not do without it. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain later in the day so we will focus on wrapping the building and then making all the transoms--of which there are a plethora--as in 6@72"x16", 2@72"x12", and 4@36x12", not to mention the 2@36"x24" in the will take a pretty full day to complete all this--and the windows arrive tomorrow along with the unit of shiplap siding.... It is getting colder--when the sun was out we were warm but every time it receded behind a cloud we shivered....the weather has been so amazingly cooperative and we thank God for that and for all that has gone so well on this lovely little project. george

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