Monday, October 6, 2008

Theeeeeirrr heeeerre.... Day 1

Its been a long time leading up to this highly anticipated and anxiety filled moment. Its finally here ! TODAY is the day! The first solid step in the building of my dream studio. Its happening my friends. The trucks just pulled up and the site guys have made their measurements. I'm nervous and fanatically excited (as my foundation contractor just described me: like his "8 year old at Christmas") Its true! I can't contain myself. I'm bouncing around like a toddler hopped up on ritalin. After many many years of saving, planning and working my butt off, its arrived! I'm breaking new ground baby!!
(Unfortunately we had to remove one tree to make this project a reality. It was a a little sad.I said a little tree prayer, gave it a hug and got over it pretty quick!)

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