Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just a little background

For the past 6 years I've worked out of a small bedroom in my home and my encaustic painting area is in a cramped corner of my basement. Since I've been painting in encaustic for the past few years, I'm essentially an official "cellar dweller"! This is completely due to the fact I have no ventilation in my upstairs studio (something which is vital when painting with potentially toxic, molton wax, fused with propane torches.) The two spaces are extremes of one is clean, organized and houses the necessary stuff; computers, printers, scanners, drafting table, etc. The other is messy and cluttered and contains the most important and fun stuff; stacks of antique photographs, vintage textiles, jars of nails, boxes of thread, loads of paint, and lots and lots of lovely wax. Needless to say...I need MORE ROOM! So, I'm finally able to merge them together into a perfect package of work space/office space/play space. And I got lucky enough to find the perfect person to design and build it too! Mr. George Abetti; An artist in his own right, an amazing Vermont barn builder and really cool person to boot. You'll meet him soon. For now:

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