Thursday, October 9, 2008

Walls!...sort of. Day 4

After the guys built the temporary surroundings of the frost walls in record time, I got to enjoy a few hours without the sounds of blaring classic rock and talk of itchy butt holes. (Lovely, right? The discussion was quite comedic actually...right down to the detailed effects of goldbond powder and how to apply it properly. GOD, I wish I got video of that one)
The crew was scheduled to come back with the concrete truck around 2pm which gave me a good 4 hours of down time and I actually got to...get this... PAINT a little!! Which is a nice change of pace since I've been overwhelmingly distracted with all this craziness. (photo of what I'm working on coming soon!) I must admit, I'm a bit obsessed. Growing up in a house that seemed perpetually under construction and having an amazingly talented carpenter as a father, I'm naturally enthralled with this whole process. Trust me, I am no stranger to a power tool! I want to learn every technical detail possible about the workings of this structure. So, I hang out and watch them, ask lots of questions and take WAY too many pictures. In short... I'm a big pain in the ass!

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